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We are changing the style of our home and want to give away these good items:

I am Peter of Middletown (06457).  Please contact me to pick them up.


Cell: 347-695-6127 - Please text me

Round Low Table

Dia. 42" x H 15"

Could you see the pearl luster of the tabletop?

From the design and craftsmanship, this is a high-quality table.


Good condition

Don’t miss it !

Square Low Table
W 40" x D 40" x H 16"

Japanese style

Good condition

Glass Side Table
W 46" x D 17" x H 25"

Good condition

Here we have over 100 books in 2 boxes - Some awarded books (with stickers on covers), and some have never been read (or flipped).


My son will leave for college soon, and it's time to clear his library :)

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